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Jan 25, 2022

Hey friends! Welcome to my new site and new blog! 🙂

Setting up a new website for Create Trust Daily was something I had been planning for a while, but my poor site got infected in the Fall and I still haven’t been able to get it cleaned up. So here we are starting fresh, and hoping I can get the rest moved over later. 

I am very embarrassed to say that I have been “working on” a Bible study about the 10 Commandments since 2019. After very inconsistent spurts of working on it, I am excited to finally dive into this with you all right there on this brand new blog! Before my daughter started public school I homeschooled her and her little brother. I really wanted to make sure to teach them some Bible lessons (the perks of homeschool!) while we were learning all the other basics to prepare them for Kindergarten in public school. I taught my kids Genesis 1 – “In the beginning…” which seemed like a perfect place to start! After that, I wasn’t sure where to go. So I drew up an 8×10 poster of the 10 commandments with an image for each commandment and a short phrase associated with it to help us memorize them. We hung this on the wall (it is actually STILL on our wall like 6 years later) and each day for a month, we would make sure to read through the 10 commandments until eventually, they had memorized them. Not only did they memorize each commandment, they started incorporating them into their day to day life. I would reference the commandments when appropriate, and they even started referencing them themselves! When I was coming up with the images for each commandments, and trying to figure out how to explain them in a way that my very young children would understand, I realize that while I had heard them 10 commandments many times throughout my life, I had never really sat down to study them one by one. So that my friends is the basis of this study. I want us to dig a little deeper into each commandment and what was going on in the lives of the Israelites when they got them. My goal is for us to carry these with us from day to day, just like I watched my children do so many years ago. There is a purpose to each of the commandments, that not only served the Israelites in the desert, but they can serve as guides to help us through our daily lives.

10 Commandments Intro

I feel like people downplay the 10 commandments (and honestly, a good chunk of the Old Testament) way too often. If you check out what’s going on when God gives the Israelites the ten commandments, you see that the entire population group of Israelites (also known as Hebrews) are in the desert with Moses. They are free for the first time in 400 years, which means instead of following the Egyptian rules they are free to make their own! But God knows us better than we know ourselves (can I get an AMEN?) and He knew they needed some direction. So, God calls Moses up on to the mountain and gives him the ten commandments to guide God’s people. Moses uses these commandments as a structural guide to help the Israelites function as a people group while they wander in the desert. 


Sit and pause for a moment with me. Imagine the following:
– A world where God was put first above all else.
– A world where we aren’t distracted by other people, all the things, and all the appointments. Instead we devote our time and energy to God and His purpose for us.
– A world where everyone thought before they spoke.
– Where EVERYONE took a rest from work, cooking and housework one day a week.
– Where children obeyed their parents.
– Where there was no lying, stealing, adultery, or killing.
– Where there was no jealousy.

Can you imagine it? This sounds significantly different than what we are used to right? 

God specifically and intentionally chose these 10 commands to help us live our best life. We would focus on Him. We would be honest, obedient, rested, thoughtful, and faithful. This is why I feel like the ten commandments are such a strong foundation for our lives, and worth digging into.

I am so thankful to have you join me on this journey!

Photo credit to my amazing husband, Leroy Tademy Jr. | Tademy Photography



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