Cultivate What Matters – Refresh Brain Dump Journal Review

Jun 23, 2024

Meet my new bestie! The Cultivate What Matters – Refresh Brain Dump Journal is literally my go to tool, because I can use it for SO MANY THINGS. It is a place I can be messy, and then organize everything where I need to.

It is a perfect place to dump all the ideas swimming in your head. Then you take all of that information and organize it by categories, by importance, by whatever is helpful for you! I even used it to make a daily list for a big project I was working on. Weeks later, I keep finding new reasons to use it!

Besides the Brain Dump pages, there are also List Pages – where you can list out tasks, give them due dates, and check them off as you finish, and Blank Pages – where you can draw things out, create mood a board or collages – there is no wrong way to use the space!

It is a sturdy, little notebook that is easy to carry around and have handy. I like to keep mine on my bedside table basket, but it often makes it over to my desk while I work as well.

You can find out more over on the Cultivate What Matters website – and get 10% off when you USE THIS AFFILIATE LINK or the code CREATETRUSTDAILY



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